Christmas Time of Year

Yes, its that time of year again. Christmas is just around the corner as it’s nearly December. We have been really busy sourcing lots of gifts and goodies from across the globe just for you. The shop is full and looking great. We have just upgraded our website and hope to bring you lots more products online soon for convenient shopping from your home office or living room. In the meantime if there is anything you would like please let us know or drop by and see us at Shop 9, Tweed Mall.

Wood Block Printing

Wood Block Printing

Things you may need:
Your wood block stamp ~ ink pad, ink or paint ~ paper, fabric or other material  ~ sponge or paint roller, ~ old
towel, cloth, ~ Cleaning items.

Directions for use:
(Note: If using ink pad, simply dip press on ink pad and then press to paper.)

  1. Find a nice flat, smooth area for your paper/item that you are going to print on. Sometimes the print will work better if you have a towel,newspaper or sponge under it to give a bit of bounce (you will have to experiment).
  2. Apply some ink (or paint) to your roller (or sponge). Be careful not to have too much ink/paint on your roller/sponge as you will clog the carved out areas of your wood block.
  3. Coat the wood block with an even layer of ink (or paint).
  4. Press the inked wood block onto the paper/material with your hands using even pressure.
  5. Carefully lift the wood block off the paper (or printed item) and admire your mark making from your beautiful wood block stamp print work.

If you have any questions regarding block printing please contact us.