Wood Block Printing StampsWooden Printing Blocks for all your Art and Craft.

Wood Block printing is a traditional stamping technique still used throughout the world today.

Woodblock printing is a technique of printing made from blocks of wood that have been hand carved with pictures, text, or patterns.
The blocks are then covered with ink and then pressed onto fabric, paper and more to create the desired image.

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Gilberts Tree work with local artist’s throughout the villages of India, to bring the tradition of wood block printing to you.

We design and carve a range of wooden stamps for both commercial and personal use.
The image below, shows a recent visit to India where we had the pleasure of meeting these amazing people and friends, who we do business with.

wooden printing blocks














The three main components for woodblock printing are:

  • The wood block stamp, which carries the design
  • Ink (or paint), to color the desired design
  • Fabric (or other materials) on which the designs are printed onto using the wooden stamps.

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Wood Block Printing Stamps